Now Boarding: Open Aircraft Days

The number 1 wish we hear from our visitors is that they would like to sit inside one of our historical aircraft. We listened, and now’s your chance! From June 23-September 30 inclusive, we’ll have Open Aircraft Days on Saturdays and Sundays and holiday Mondays. We’ll also have knowledgeable staff and volunteers available to answer your questions. Trust us, you’re going to want to purchase a Museum membership so that you can come back for each plane! 

We do have a few safety precautions to keep you and our artifacts safe. To enter all aircraft you must wear clean closed-toe shoes. Some of the aircraft will require hard-hats and/or gloves to enter (these will be provided to you). 

Here’s the schedule*

Saturday June 23: Anson

Sunday June 24: DC-3

Saturday June 30: Avro Lancaster

Sunday July 1: deHavilland Vampire and Sikorsky Dragonfly** (**special change from the F-86 Sabre) 

Monday July 2: Beechcraft

Saturday July 7: Twin Otter

Sunday July 8: Barkley-Grow

Saturday July 14: Anson

Sunday July 15: Avro Lancaster

Saturday July 21: DC-3

Sunday July 22: Fighter Jets

Saturday July 28: Beechcraft

Sunday July 29: Twin Otter

Saturday August 4: Avro Lancaster

Sunday August 5: Fighter Jets

Monday August 6: Barkley-Grow

Saturday August 11: Anson

Sunday August 12: DC-3

Saturday August 18: Beechcraft

Sunday August 19: Avro Lancaster

Saturday August 25: Twin Otter

Sunday August 26: Barkley-Grow

Saturday September 1: Avro Lancaster

Sunday September 2: Fighter Jets

Monday September 3: Anson

Saturday September 8: DC-3

Sunday September 9: Beechcraft

Saturday September 15: Avro Lancaster

Sunday September 16: Fighter Jets

Saturday September 22: Twin Otter

Sunday September 23: DC-3

Saturday September 29: Barkley-Grow

Sunday September 30: Avro Lancaster


* schedule subject to change based on wind conditions and/or private bookings


 If you'd like to plan your summer around which aircraft you'd like to see...

The Avro Lancaster will be open on Saturday June 30th, Sunday July 15th, Saturday August 4th, Sunday August 19th, Saturday September 1st, Saturday September 15th and Sunday September 30th.

The Avro Anson will be open on Saturday June 23rd, Saturday July 14th, Saturday August 11th, and Monday September 3rd. 

The DC-3 will be open on Sunday June 24th, Saturday July 21st, Sunday August 12th, Saturday September 8th, and Sunday September 23rd. 

Fighter Jets will be open on Sunday July 1st, Sunday July 22nd, Sunday August 5th, Sunday September 2nd and Sunday September 16th. 

The Beechcraft will be open on Monday July 2nd, Saturday July 28th, Saturday August 18th, and Sunday September 9th.

The Twin Otter will be open on Saturday July 7th, Sunday July 29th, Saturday August 25th, and Saturday September 22nd.

The Barkley-Grow will be open on Sunday July 8th, Monday August 6th, Sunday August 26th, and Saturday September 29th.