Restoration of our CF-100 Canuck:

CBC Radio Calgary, September 27, 2018: Former Calgary Alderman Gord Lowe, who is on the board of The Hangar Flight Museum, joined Doug Dirks from CBC to talk about the condition of our CF-100 Canuck and why it is in need of restoration. Listen here. 

CBC Online, September 28, 2018: If you would prefer to read an article version of the CBC interview with Gord Lowe, click here. 

Calgary Herald, October 1, 2018: The next step toward restoration that the Museum took was to request help from the City of Calgary. Read more. 

Calgary Herald, November 16, 2018: This news article was released when we began fundraising to restore the CF-100 Canuck. Read more. 

Calgary Herald, December 13, 2018: We reached 50% of our total fundraising goal to restore the CF-100 Canuck. Read more. 

Global News Calgary, January 17, 2019: Executive Director Brian Desjardins gave an update on where our fundraising efforts have reached. Watch now. 



CTV Calgary, October 2018: The Barkley Grow was put back up on its floats. Read more. 


Remembrance Day:

Global News, November 11, 2018: Veteran Jack Hilton attended our 2018 Remembrance Day service. He shared his memories of flying over Europe during the Second World War. Read more. 


Return of the Hawker Hurricane:

Global News, December 14, 2018: We are very excited for the return of the Hawker Hurricane to the museum in 2019. We brought a few members of the media for a sneak peak at the restoration process occuring in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Read more. 

CTV Calgary, December 20, 2018: CTV's Kevin Fleming also joined us for a sneak peak of the Hawker Hurricane! Read more


National Aviation Day:

Global News, February 23, 2019: We celebrated the 100th anniversary of powered flight in Canada, Global News reported about the event. Read more. 


Father's Day weekend event: 

CBC featured our event in a summary of Father's Day events happening in Calgary. Read more. 

CTV Calgary joined us on Father's Day to see how we celebrate dads! Read more. 


100th Anniversary of McCall's landing upon the Stampede carousel:

We celebrated the 100th anniversary by opening our new McCall & McKnight exhibit and offering visitors a deal on our admissions.

The Calgary Herald has more on this amazing landing. Read more. 

The Calgary Sun also reported. Read more. 

Executive Director, Brian Desjardins, was also interviewed by Global News. Read more. 


Historic Calgary Week:

CTV News Calgary reported on the local places participating in Historic Calgary Week. Read more. 


Replica Oxford Project:

CTV Calgary reported on retired engineer Barry Halliwell who toiled in the workshop of The Hangar Flight Museum, meticulously recreating the tail section of an Oxford aircraft. Read more.