Remembrance Day Admissions

Visit the museum on Remembrance Day as a way of remembering the sacrifices made. Admissions on Remembrance Day must be made in advance, we will not be taking walk-up admissions at the door. We are usually very busy on Remembrance Day, so we want to make sure that we're putting your safety first and keeping our capacity at a safe level.

Our admission rates on this day will be 'Admission by Donation' with some preselected options based on the restrictions of our online registration system. Your donations help keep the museum running so that we can continue to preserve history and tell stories of the brave pilots, engineers, and others who are a part of Alberta's rich aviation history. Thank you for your generous support.  

We are taking online timed ticketing only at this time. Please choose your arrival time carefully and arrive no more than 5mins before your chosen time or 10 minutes after. Purchase your ticket now.