Douglas DC-3 (C-47, R4D, Dakota)
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DC-3A, CF-BZI Serial # 13448 was imported in to Canada in 1956, and was flown by Inter-provincial Pipelines of Edmonton until 1967, when Northwest Territorial Airways Limited, of Yellowknife, acquired her. In recent years BZI was part of the Buffalo Airways fleet.

The Douglas DC-3 first flew on December 17, 1935. Powered by Pratt & Whitney engines, it has robust all metal construction, except for fabric-covered control surfaces.  Crewed by two pilots, it can carry 24 passengers.

Civil DC-3s delivered to the US airlines before the Second World War played a most important part in the development of reliable national air routes. By the end of the War, nearly 11,000 had been built in the USA and a further 2,000 or so were built under license in Russia as the Li-2.

Very large numbers survived the war. Operators all over the world acquired them for use as passenger, freight or utility transports.  A true Queen of the skies, the DC-3 was years ahead of its time, very easy to land and generally free of bad flying characteristics. Hundreds of DC-3s are still flying throughout the world and will continue to do so long after the students viewing it today are old and grey.