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Goodbye 2018

The Year in Review

We would like to wrap up 2018 by providing you with a few of our most interesting statistics. Our total visitation in 2018 totalled over 30,000 people; almost 6,000 of these visitors attended rentals of our facility, we hosted over 8,000 children and chaperones for school and youth educational programming, and over 16,000 visitors came to see the Museum through our admissions desk. This means that on average 82 people came through our building per day. June was our highest attendance month, seeing 17% of our admissions or 11% of our total visitation, with August and July not far behind.

Tiger Moth


Welcome to 2019!

To Be Launched

2019 is going to be an exciting year at The Hangar Flight Museum! We are currently in the process of hiring a full-time Collections Manager. We are all very excited to be expanding our team in this essential way. Our Tiger Moth will be returning from Heritage Park in March and the Hawker Hurricane will return from its restoration process later this year. Our CF-100 Canuck fundraising is continuing to go well and we are in the process of raising the last 25% needed to reach our $82,000 goal. We are accepting donations toward this project. 


Opening of the Hopewell Early Learning Center

Seton Library January 19, 2019

The Alouette III is setup in its new home for the next ten years at the new Seton Library in SE Calgary! It is the focal point for the Hopewell Early Learning Center and we were honoured to be involved with the opening festivities on January 19th! Our newest full-time employee, Stephen, spent the day teaching kids how to build Wright Bats - one part of our wildly popular Prepare for Takeoff school program! 


Photography credit: Rob McMorris. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram


CF-100 Canuck

CF-100 Fundraising Update

Thank you for your help

We would like to give you an update on where our fundraising total is at for restoring the CF-100 Canuck. As of January 21st, we have received notification from the City of Calgary that they will continue to fund 75% of the restoration of the CF-100 Canuck, and we're well on track to finish raising the remainder of our $82,000 portion this quarter! We are grateful to those of you who have helped us spread the word or have donated to this cause. The support we have received from our community is very meaningful. 

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The CF-100 is a very important piece of Canadian aviation history. It is the only Canadian-designed fighter aircraft to go into mass production. It was the first straight-winged jet aircraft in the world to achieve controlled supersonic flight. This exact CF-100 has been in Alberta for the past 63 years being stationed at Cold Lake, Calgary, and Lethbridge. It has been a beloved Calgary landmark for 45 years and we want to do our best to have this aircraft last for future generations. 

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Volunteer Highlight

Mike Hartney

For our volunteer spotlight this month we had the pleasure of sitting down with Mike Hartney and hearing about his experiences working with school groups who come into the Museum. 

Mike worked as a High School teacher for seven years, five years at St. Francis in Calgary, and two years at Medicine Hat High School. After becoming frustrated with the politics of the education system, mike was accepted into law school. After graduating, he worked as a lawyer for 35 years before finally retiring in June of 2017. Mike's wife worked as a teacher-librarian in Calgary's public system until her retirement in 2005, and so the two of them maintained a large number of teacher friends.

After his retirement, Mike decided to pursue two volunteer opportunities. Due to a lifelong interest in aviation (including earning his pilot's license through the cadets program when he was in High School), Mike applied as a volunteer both at The Hangar Flight Museum and at Calgary Airport's Whit Hate Society. One thing that stood out to Mike about The Hangar Flight Museum was how easy it was to tie our collection into Calgary's history. Having exhibits that revolve around Calgary makes it easier to get kids to relate to the stories surrounding our aircraft, the people who flew them, and even the building that houses them. Mike says that something is more likely to stick with the kids if you can relate it to Calgary's experience. 

One of the things Mike enjoys most about volunteering here is interacting with the students who come into the Museum on school trips to learn about flight. Students in grade six are a good age to work with, because "by grade 7 they're a lot smarter than you." 

"I actually feel very fortunate to be able to do this. When you retire it is nice to have something that you feel comfortable doing, that you feel you're making a contribution. And I really do feel that you're able to make a contribution here." - Mike Hartney

Mike enjoys teaching students about flight, and he is exactly right when he says that he is making a contribution. Without our volunteers, the students who visit our museum wouldn't get anywhere near the depth and breadth of information that they receive now, and Mike himself is absolutely a valuable addition to our education team. Thanks for everything you do Mike, it's an honour to have you with us! 

Mike Hartney pictured here on the left side.


Corporate Memberships

New benefits

This fall the Museum will be hosting a social event for Corporate Members. It will be a great opportunity to bring the business community together to network and learn more about future plans for the Museum. Our new corporate memberships also include individual admission passes and admission discounts, and our Altitude Level also includes discounts on facility rentals. These great benefits reward staff while supporting our mission to inspire dreams of flight. 

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February Movie Night

February Movie Night

February 14, 7:00pm

Our February Movie Night will be a doubleheader featuring Flygirls and Wings of Courage. 

Flygirls: 1999, Colour, 56 minutes
The story of the Women's Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) in the Second World War. 

Wings of Courage episode 2: 2016, Colour, 55 minutes
More than 22,000 Canadians flew for the British Air Services in the First World War. This is their story, narrated by Dan Akroyd. 

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