September e-Newsletter

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Message from the Executive Director

Brian Desjardins


What a busy summer we have had at The Hangar. It may be over but not without many exciting successes, some of which I will tell you about! 

Passion was in the air and everyone was smiling when a multitude of artifacts, from a storage building near Springbank Airport, were brought home to The Hangar. It was history in itself as these artifacts had been in storage for decades. Some of these artifacts are already on display, including seven aircraft engines and a Cessna Crane wing. You must come see for yourself. Thank you Rangeland Truck & Crane, Eagle Copters, volunteers and staff!

I may be biased, but I must say that we had three of the best summer students. Their hard work sifting through, documenting, and reorganizing thousands of artifacts has brought us closer to opening up the west side of the mezzanine to the public again. With more space available we will be able to develop new exhibits such as 'Women in Aviation'. They are already missed and we are planning for their return next summer. Please take the time to read their stories below. Thank you to the Young Canada Works grant program. 

I am thrilled to say that we met our fundraising goal for restoration of our CF-100 Canuck fighter jet to full static display. Restoration will begin this fall and continue over 3-4 years. We are continuing conversation with the City of Calgary in replacing the current tent hangar with something bigger and better. I look forward to giving updates on both of these projects.

We have continued to build awareness of our museum through stories by the local media. Our Wings & Wheels Father's Day event was featured in CBC What's Happening and by CTV Calgary News. As part of launching our newest exhibit, McCall & McKnight, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of McCall's landing upon a merry-go-round at the Calgary Exhibition (now known as the Calgary Stampede). This spectacular occasion was covered by the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, and Global News Calgary. We participated, with many other partners, in Historic Calgary Week and CTV Calgary chose our Museum to film the 'live-on-location' piece. Most recently, CTV Calgary reported on the 'Oxford Project' and volunteer Barry Halliwell; this project was truly an amazing example of the historical aviation community working together. Barry is a long standing volunteer for The Hangar Flight Museum. For the past three years he has been meticulously restoring the tail-end of an Airspeed Oxford aircraft used for training pilots during the Second World War. The restoration project took place at our museum and is now on its way to the Red Deer Airport for display by the Harvard Historical Aviation Society. The remainder of the aircraft continues to be restored by the Harvard Society. 

I can't emphasize more how much I appreciate the dedication of our staff and volunteers. Thank you for your hard work.

Oh... did we tell you yet that a Hurricane is coming soon? Watch for it in the news!





Membership Benefit

Telus Spark September 23-27


Show your membership card from our museum at Telus Spark, between September 23-27 inclusive, and save 50% on your admission purchase! 

Don't forget, your membership also saves you 10% off purchases in our Gift Shop! It's the perfect time to start thinking about holiday shopping. 





Movie Night Schedule

October 2019 - May 2020

We will be hosting Movie Nights the second Thursday of each month from October through to May. Each movie begins at 7:00pm. Supported by the donations of attendees. 


October 03, 2019 (note this is one week earlier than usual)

Pushing Tin (124 Minutes) 

A feud develops between two air traffic controllers: one cocky and determined while the other is restrained and laidback, which inevitably affects their lives. 


November 14, 2019

Stealth (121 Minutes) 

Deeply ensconced in a top secret military program, three pilots struggle to bring an artificial intelligence program under control before it initiates the next world war. 


December 12, 2019

Kitty Hawk (115 Minutes) 

This is a documentary about the struggles of the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilber, to build and fly the first powered airplane in the world. Neil Armstrong and John Glen provide the voices of Orville and Wilber respectively. 






One Day Only Sale

Magazines and Art Prints

The Museum is having a one day only special sale! 

On Sunday September 22 you have the opportunity to purchase magazines, art prints, books and other items at a deeply discounted rate. We estimate that there are more than 50,000 magazines available, from a wide range of titles, mostly aviation focused. This includes vintage magazines from as early as the 1920s, through to the present day.

This public sale is a chance for The Hangar Flight Museum to practice sustainable and strategic collections practices. While we have appreciated these magazines for a number of years, unfortunately we no longer have the space or capacity to house them. Most of these publications are also available online or from other local institutions with which we have partnerships.

Proceeds from the sale will go to benefit our collections and programming. The sale will also expand our space and capacity to allow us to take better care of our collections including aircraft parts and uniforms, and to expand our exhibits.This is in accordance with museum association and provincial guidelines and recommendations for deaccessioning. 

Magazines: 20 magazines for $1.00
Art prints: 50 cents - $5.00
Other prices will be marked.

Please note that staff, board members, and volunteers of The Hangar Flight Museum will not be eligible to purchase magazines. 




Collections Corner - Recent Acquisitions

Cassandra Cummings, Collections Manager

Since starting at The Hangar Flight Museum in March, I have been lucky and very happy to meet with a variety of donors and acquire some new objects for the collection. These are objects with local connections and significance, and will be able to help us tell the story of Calgary’s aviation history even better as we continue to go forward, and as I work towards updating and refreshing our exhibits.

This flight helmet and pilot log books belonged to Joan Martin. Joan was born in England, served in the RAF and came to Canada as a war bride. In 1975, she became Canada’s first licensed woman balloon pilot. Joan held a strong association with the Calgary Balloon Club and was an honorary life member. The Canadian Balloon Association has an award named after Joan, recognizing outstanding contribution to the sport of hot air ballooning. The Calgary Balloon Club often meets at the Museum.



No. 10 Repair Depot was established as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. This depot was located at what we might still refer to as Lincoln Park and Currie Barracks area, near Mt. Royal University. Some of the original buildings still remain. This album gives a great overview of life at No. 10, with photos of buildings, personnel, aircraft, sports days, and even participation in the Stampede Parade!




This bomber jacket is only one of many pieces that recently came into the museum which belonged to Second World War veteran Jack Hilton. Jack was a Typhoon fighter pilot who completed more than 100 operations across Europe, including flying on D-Day. He also authored a book about his experiences.



The Museum also received these brochures and airline tickets from the 1950s from Canadian Pacific and Trans-Canada Airlines. They are in great condition and help tell a different side of the aviation story.



These are only some of the great objects and records that we hold in our collections!

If you think you might have an object or records that might find a good home at The Hangar Flight Museum, I would love to hear from you. Since I do often need to do a lot of research, I would encourage you to please send an email instead of dropping by with your item. Unfortunately, I’m not always here and can’t always make these important decisions on the spot!  Please send an email to  with a brief description and photo or two if possible. I would love to discuss your objects and stories with you! 

Please note that any potential donations should be related to western Canadian aviation, and Calgary if at all possible. At this time we are also unable to accept donations of books, magazines, or models, as we do already have an extensive collection of these items. Thank you so much for considering The Hangar Flight Museum.




Summer Student Recaps


What a great summer! This was my first summer working in museums and it was an amazing experience. A few of the highlights from my time at the Museum include the Wings and Wheels Father's day event, Wings Over Springbank airshow, and Calgary Heritage Week. I've gained a wide range of experience from my time at the Museum, from leading school and children's programs, to cataloguing and cleaning artifacts, to painting and assisting in the gift shop. I have also had the opportunity to meet all kinds of interesting and fascinating people. This not only includes the numerous visitors to the Museum but all of the amazing volunteers that I got a chance to work with over the summer. Finally, I learned so much about aircraft and aviation this summer. I have gained a new interest and respect for the history of aviation, and Western Canadian history in general. I want to thank everyone that I had the chance to meet this summer and I am sure I will see you again! 




I can't believe that summer is over already. It feels like just yesterday that I started working here and I am sad it only lasted this long. This summer had so many events that I will never forget, like our open plane days during the weekends, and the amazing Springbank airshow which I got to witness for the first time! Between leading school programs about aviation in the mornings to working with preserving and archiving our artifacts in the afternoon, I have learned so much that I plan on taking with me for the remainder of my time at University. However, what I loved most about this summer is the people I got to spend it with. From the Museum staff who made it an amazing place to work at, to the volunteers who taught me more about the planes that I would never have known otherwise, to the amazing patrons of the Museum who all came with their own personal stories and knowledge in Canadian aviation. I truly loved working with each and every person at The Hangar Flight Museum and I plan to maintain the knowledge and relationships I have built over the summer far into the future. 



This year I had the honour of being able to work at The Hangar Flight Museum, and what an exciting summer I got to experience. Not only did I learn a great deal of information from all of the wonderful volunteers and staff about planes and the people building and flying them, but I was given the chance to personally research the incredible role that aviation has played in the development of today's Canadian Healthcare System. So, on top of getting to work with some incredible people I was also able to accomplish some personal goals. Programs were definitely something I had a little bit of experience in, but this summer gave me the opportunity to really develop these skills by heading up some of the school courses provided. It was such a joy to get kids, teachers, and parents involved in learning about flights and creating their own flying devices. Testing them was always the fun part; seeing children laughing and chatting about how great their parachute worked or how they were able to get their glider to roll, or even talking about the ways in which they could improve their work, made me so grateful to be a part of these programs. I, of course, also got lots of hands on experience working in the collection which was a dream come true as it is always exciting to discover the unique things that have been collected over time. Some of my favourite Friday social media posts that we summer students did this year involved showcasing some of these interesting items, like very relatable RCAF journal musings and an entire set of commercial airline china. In all it was a wonderful summer and I wish to thank everyone there and everyone involved with The Hangar Flight Museum for allowing me such a wonderful opportunity.