December Newsletter

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Message from the Executive Director

Brian Desjardins


Holiday greetings to everyone! 

As you celebrate the joys and spirit of the holiday season we at The Hangar Flight Museum want to wish the best to you and your loved ones.

It is unbelievable that a new decade is fast approaching - 2020. As I reflect, this past year has been truly amazing - filled with success and achievements at the Museum. It is difficult to capture all of our shared accomplishments in this month's message. I will offer just a few highlights:

  • Tiger Moth return - after a 10 year loan to Heritage Park (Gasoline Alley)
  • Hawker Hurricane 5389 arrival -  after 7 year restoration led by The Calgary Mosquito Aircraft Society
  • CF-100 Canuck Restoration project - successful fundraising and restoration has begun (estimated to be returned in 2023 at full static display)
  • New McCall & McKnight exhibit - added a new exhibit to tell the story of 2 of Calgary's famous flying aces
  • Homecoming of artifacts from a storage building near Springbank Airport - including 7 engines that are now on display
  • West side mezzanine - this area has been closed to the public for over 3 years. In the past year we have been reorganizing and documenting our collection including the construction of a new wall. This work is moving us closer to reopening this area to the public and adding more space for new exhibits
  • Virtual reality - as part of revamping the children's play area we have added an Oculus Rift virtual reality station to improve our visitor experience 
  • New Collections Manager - added a much needed position to oversee artifacts at the Museum
  • New Corporate Membership program - a great start in working with businesses in the airport district as we develop the Museum as a hub for community gatherings
  • Hosted our first ever National Aviation Day event - close to 400 people attending
  • Remembrance Day service - record setting attendance with over 1600 people
  • Wings and Wheels Father's Day weekend - almost 1800 visitors
  • Springbank Airshow - record sales even through an extreme windstorm
  • Tremendous media attention throughout the year

As you can see, the past year has been quite busy! The Association has become financially stronger than ever before and I have no doubt that our visitation numbers will be strong.

This coming year I look forward to continuing work with staff and Board, volunteers and members. I am confident that with hardworking staff and volunteers and the support of our members and Calgarians our success will reach even higher.

Health and happiness to all this holiday season. 

Brian Desjardins



Brian with his two beautiful daughters Gracie and Rosa Desjardins.







Movie Night Schedule

January 9, 7:00pm

We host Movie Nights the second Thursday of each month from October through to May. Each movie begins at 7:00pm. Supported by the donations of attendees. 

Air Force 1 (125 Minutes) 

Communist radicals hijack Air Force 1 with the US President and his family on board. The Vice President negotiates from Washington, while the President fights to rescue the hostages on board. 






Sovereign Medal for Volunteers Award from the Governor General of Canada

Bob Schwartzenberger

We've always known that our amazing volunteers are some of the best out there, but we're still incredibly proud to celebrate with one of our volunteers Bob Schwartzenberger who was recently awarded with this prestigious award. On Thursday October 31, 2019 he was awarded the Sovereign Medal for Volunteerism by the Governor General of Canada. The award was presented by Her Honour, the Honourable Lois E Mitchell, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. Bob has been volunteering here at the Museum since 2005, but he's been volunteering in some capacity since 1949 when he helped coach a community softball league of 5 & 6 year-olds when he was only 10 himself. He has helped generations of youth learn valuable life skills through his involvement with Scouts Canada. He's been the Troop Scouter for the 1st Calgary International Troop for 24 years. All of his experiences with Scouts Canada are fascinating to hear about.

How he has time to dedicate approximately 600 hours a year at the Museum while also volunteering for Scouts Canada is beyond our understanding. We're grateful for all of his dedication and kindness and enthusiastically agree that he is well deserving of this award. 

If you'd be interested in volunteering at the Museum, please feel free to fill out the volunteer application on our website at any time. 





Collections Corner 

Cassandra Cummings, Collections Manager

It has been a fantastic year here at the museum, and this is a great time to reflect. I have been able to be a part of so many great projects- including the Hawker Hurricane’s return to Calgary and the accompanying exhibit, sending the CF100 for restoration, putting Virtual Reality into the main gallery, conducting research, and working through several behind the scenes collections reorganizations initiatives. This includes the cleaning up and organizing of the mezzanine, which we hope to have open early in the New Year. 

Thank you so much for all of your support, interest, feedback, and donations to the museum over the past several months. It is greatly appreciated, and we could not do everything we do without the support and interest of our members, volunteers, and visitors! 

In honour of the holiday season, here is a peek at just a couple of collections items with a bit of a holiday theme. Please enjoy, with all of the best wishes for a great holiday season and happy new year! 




This volume of Tee Emm magazine, the RAF Official Air Service Training Memorandum, features several winter, holiday, Christmas and New Year’s illustrations. The publication was produced monthly throughout the Second World War, and featured Pilot Officer Prune.



This festive photo is from the No. 10 Repair Depot album that was donated earlier this year. You can see more photos from the album in the September newsletter

If you think you might have an object or records that might find a good home at The Hangar Flight Museum, I would love to hear from you. Since I do often need to do a lot of research, I would encourage you to please send an email instead of dropping by with your item. Unfortunately, I’m not always here and can’t always make these important decisions on the spot!  Please send an email to  with a brief description and photo or two if possible. I would love to discuss your objects and stories with you! 

Please note that any potential donations should be related to western Canadian aviation, and Calgary if at all possible. At this time we are also unable to accept donations of books, magazines, or models, as we do already have an extensive collection of these items. Thank you so much for considering The Hangar Flight Museum.




Gift Ideas

New in the store

We're all stocked up on books right now! We've got lots of fun aviation books for little ones as well as Anne Gafiuk's detailed books for adults. Winter is the perfect season to pick up a new read. 




Give the gift of a membership so that they can enjoy coming to the Museum all year long! Or, give admission passes for an individual or family so that they can visit once over the next two years. Memberships can be purchased online or in person. Passes must be purchased in person. 





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