April Newsletter
News from Hangar Flight Museum

Working from Home Update

Lauren Maillet, Guest Services and Marketing Manager

We're all keeping busy working from home or keeping our distance from each other at the Museum. We'd like to share some of the fun projects we've been working on and also share some of the content we've been posting on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts - just in case you aren't following us there. Some of the highlights of our social media activity over the past few weeks have been:

Our followers recommended some great aviation movies to us! We highly recommend The Aviator, Arrow, and Memphis Belle. 

We've been using the hashtag #fastfacts to talk about details of the aircraft in our collection, so far we've posted about our Hurricane,Barkley Grow, Vampire and Anson. These can be viewed in the Stories archives on our Instagram page.

Instagram Instagram
We have created an account with Jigsaw Planet so that you can build online puzzles of some of the professional photographs of our aircraft. There are already six puzzles available, but we'll be adding to this list in the future. 
Build a puzzle
On Wednesdays our Collections Manager, Cassandra, has been posting videos behind the scenes in our collections storage area. These are videos you don't want to miss! 
Watch behind the scenes content
This next video is from back in 2017, but we still think it's worth the watch if you didn't see it then. Our summer student, Sarah, recorded a tour with our Avro Lancaster. 
Watch Lancaster video
All of our past videos are available for viewing on our Facebook account. We're also looking forward to creating some new videos for you in the upcoming weeks and months. Our Education Manager, Caitlin, will be creating some videos on how to make flying devices and we're really looking forward to learning more about aerodynamics from her. Feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media accounts to let us know what you'd like to see more of! 

Collections Corner - March

Cassandra Cummings, Collections Manager

Last month we celebrated women in aviation week, coinciding with the anniversary of the world’s first female pilot licence on March 8, 1910.

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week (WOAW) is a global aviation awareness week for girls of all ages observed to mark the anniversary of the world’s first female pilot licence (March 8, 1910). The week is a call to address gender imbalance in the air and space industry.

At The Hangar Flight Museum, we highlighted several notable women in Canadian aviation on our social media pages including Elsie MacGill, who features in our Hawker Hurricane exhibit, and Joan Martin, a war bride who served in the RAF and then held Canada’s first balloon pilot licence by a woman.

Here are a few more photos from our collections that show some snapshots of women in aviation! There are, of course, many more stories to be explored.

This photo of a Canadian built Lancaster at Victory Aircraft Ltd was recently donated. The donor’s wife Audrie and her friend Doreen were both electricians at Victory Aircraft. After the war, Audrie became a nurse.

These photos are from an album of life at No. 10 Repair Depot- approximately where Mt. Royal University and ATCO is now located. There are still some extant Second World War buildings and hangars in the area, including the Currie Barracks Parade Square.
Despite the roles women have always played in the aviation industry, and the great strides that women have made in aviation, there is still more to go!

In Canada, only five percent of pilots are women, and 15% of air traffic controllers are women. In the RCAF women make up 18.7 percent of the total work force including pilots, technicians, aerospace control operators, and other occupations.

Elevate Aviation, founded in 2015 in Edmonton, is working alongside industry professionals “to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace”. Elevate Aviation immerses middle and high school girls and boys into week long aviation experiences, connects women with mentors, and holds career fairs, amongst other programming to promote aviation careers. Other individuals, groups, and companies have also made commitments to promote diversity and inclusion in the aviation field.

To learn more about women in aviation, the first all-women crew in Canada, and Elevate Aviation please visit the following links:

If you think you might have an object or records that might find a good home at The Hangar Flight Museum, I would love to hear from you.  Please send an email to  with a brief description and photo or two if possible. I would love to discuss your objects and stories with you! Please do not drop by the museum with your items at this time. 

Please note that any potential donations should be related to western Canadian aviation, and Calgary if at all possible. At this time we are also unable to accept donations of vhs tapes, books, magazines, reproduction art prints or models, as we do already have an extensive collection of these items. Thank you so much for considering The Hangar Flight Museum.


2019 United Space School Student

Life update

Hello, I am Cameron Wilson, and I was privileged to be the United Space School Delegate for 2019. It has been almost a year since I attended United Space School (USS) in Houston, Texas, so I thought I would give you all a little update on what I am doing. I am currently in my final year of high school, and I am ready to continue my path into the aerospace industry.

The main thing that I have been focusing on this year is university applications and post-secondary options. I researched and tried to find which universities I would like to attend the most, as well as which ones could best help me achieve my goals. Being on the Red Team (in charge of launch and transit) at United Space School, I applied to mechanical engineering programs. I was fortunate to be accepted to many great universities. I have not yet made my decision, but I will soon.

One very exciting opportunity that I have this year is I was selected as a Schulich Leader Nominee. The Schulich leader Scholarship is one of the largest in Canada, and it is awarded to 200 graduating students annually. The students nominated for this program must be pursuing a Science, Engineering, Technology, or Math degree (STEM); as well have exceptional leadership abilities. I am one of the 1,400 finalists for this prestigious award, and I should find out if I was selected as a Schulich Leader soon.

Many university and scholarship applications required essays, and the United Space school was a huge asset to me. My experience and involvement at USS was prominently featured as my proudest achievement.

This year I also finished up my final year at 952 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron. This was my 6th and final year in the program, and I was fortunate enough to be the training cadet. In this role, I am responsible for running the nightly training aspect of the squadron. I have also introduced several new programs, and increased organization. I also continued my club from last year, the aerospace club. I had much more relevant in-depth experience this year, which I acquired from my time at USS. As a result, the success of the club was even greater this year.

I have plenty of options, and I am very much looking forward to the next few years. None of this would have been possible without the experience and knowledge that the United Space school gave me. I am happy to say that I still keep in contact with several students from USS2019. I am also planning to return to USS as a mentor once I am old enough.

Photographs are Cameron's from the 2019 FISE: United Space School. 

Coming Soon

May 2020

There are a few things we are looking forward to participating in during the month of May. 
#GivingTuesdayNow is taking place on Tuesday May 5th. We acknowledge that now is not the time for us to push fundraising to the forefront. However, if you are interested in supporting The Hangar Flight Museum, we are in need of purchasing a few laptops for our staff to work effectively from home. Donations received on May 5th will go directly to this need.

At this time, if you are able to, please also consider renewing your membership. 

#MuseumWeek is occurring from May 11-17 and we will be participating with our social media accounts. The topics this year include heroes, museum moments, technology, and dreams. 

This year we will not be able to host our annual Wings and Wheels on Father's Day weekend, but we will be planning for exciting things once we are able to reopen again. 

Thank you for your support and messages of well wishes. We truly appreciate knowing that you're thinking of us and our well being. Our members and volunteers mean so much to us. Stay well, and look out for another newsletter from us in the coming weeks!