June Newsletter
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Updated Hours of Operation

to celebrate Canada Day

We will be open on a few additional days coming up for Canada Day. We will be open from 10am-4pm on July 1, 2, 3 & 4. We do recommend that you book your tickets in advance to guarantee your admission time, though we will also be taking walk-up admissions. This would be a quiet way to celebrate Canada's history, as we have many safety precautions in place and our one-way directional traffic route to keep you safe during your visit. 


Message from the Executive Director

Brian Desjardins

The pandemic has resulted in difficult times that caused tough decisions starting with our closure on March 16th. We are not alone in this new normal - we are all in this together. I am pleased to inform everyone that staff have been healthy and in good spirits during this time. We have remained strong and have been resilient through this time due to our successes from 2019 and the support of our community. Staff have continued working hard remotely or in the office and have done well using social media platforms to interact with members and followers. The Theory of Flight video segments, behind the scenes clips, and interactive games have been great ways to keep in touch and keep educating. 

I am pleased that museums were included as part of Alberta's phase one relaunch and we have taken a soft approach to reopening starting with Fridays and Saturdays beginning on June 5th. We will be ramping up and adding more days starting with the July long weekend. It has been great to see visitors over this past month, as our planes were getting lonely...

Although we have been able to be resilient, so far, the museum has been hit hard with losing all of our facility rentals and field trip revenue, as well as many months of admissions, membership, and gift shop revenue. The combined effects of losing these revenue streams are significant. We would truly appreciate your support during this time. June is a time when your donation can result in even more support with the Great Canadian Giving Challenge (see below for more information on how you can help us have a chance to win $20,000). 

The restoration of the CF-100 Canuck has continued and the restoration committee looks forward to the first site visit to Wetaskiwin this fall. We also look forward to the Mosquito Society continuing work on the Hawker Hurricane engine - hopefully this fall if social distancing measures allow. 

It is wonderful to be able to welcome our volunteers back to the Museum with projects that they can participate with, while social distancing on site. We also hired a summer student to continue work on our collections with the goal of reopening the west-side of the mezzanine, with financial assistance from Young Canada Works.  

The board continues to move forward on the development of a new strategic plan which will give direction for the tent hangar replacement and building expansion. They will also be conducting a full review of the bylaws and policies. 

We look forward to adding an exciting new temporary exhibit this summer,  Ace Academy: Flight Experience, on loan from Canada Aviation and Space Museum, where players will enter an immersive experience. The experience is motion controlled and will be able to operate while observing safe practices.

We would really appreciate your assistance with spreading the word that we are open again and we hope you will visit us this summer. 


Ticket Purchasing

Plan your visit

We'd like to remind you about our added precautions that are set into place at The Hangar. We acknowledge that while it is impossible to eliminate all risk, we will certainly do all that we can to minimize it so that you can visit The Museum and feel protected as you do so. 

1. We recommend for all visitors over the age of 2 to wear masks. It will not be required, but it is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself and others healthy. Staff will be wearing masks. 

2. We will require all visitors to use hand sanitizer when they enter the building. It will be available in a few locations throughout our space. 

3. We are setting up one-directional traffic so that no one has to pass each other at close pinch points. We're keeping the traffic indicators on theme with arrivals and departures signs! Don't forget, we are a museum with altitude! 

4. When you arrive at the Museum we will go through a quick health checklist to ensure that you're not currently displaying symptoms that would make it unsafe for you to visit. All staff are also undergoing checklists at the beginning of their shifts. 

5. Our new maximum capacity is 24 visitors. This gives each visitor a 10 metre squared space allotment. To ensure that we are not going above that capacity, and to further reduce touch points at the Museum, we recommend purchasing your tickets online at this time. You will be purchasing tickets for a specific arrival time on a specific date. 

6. We recommend that you plan your museum visit around not using our public washrooms - though they will be available if you need them. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our safety precautions. 

Tickets are now available for purchase online.

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If you are a current member with us, we would love to hear from you and we can set aside tickets for you for a specific time if you contact us at:

Please list which date you would like to visit the Museum, your name, and your membership number in the email. We will reply back with available arrival times or alternate date suggestions. Or, you can also just show up at the Museum during the days when we are open. We recommend looking at our ticket purchasing page to see the most up to date information about our hours of operation. 

Now is a perfect time to renew your membership or purchase a new membership. It's easy and quick to purchase online! 
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Build a bumblebee flyer 

This is the perfect craft for summer! We have the template and instructions online, and our education team has also put together a video explaining how to build your bee and demonstrating how well it flies. We'd love to see photos or videos of the bee you make. Tag us on social media @thehangarmuseum or #hangarmuseum so we can see your creations! 

Bumblebee Template
Bumblebee Flyer
Bumblebee Flyer: watch to see how it's made and how it flies!
As promised, our digital content isn't going anywhere. If you aren't able to visit us in the coming weeks, we'll keep teaching you new things about aviation through our social media accounts. Did you join us earlier in June when we were playing a 'Jeopardy style' trivia game? The questions were originally put together as a fun addition to a volunteer appreciation party last year. We all had a blast trying to answer the questions and we hope you had a chance to participate too. 

We also posted some fast facts about the North American Harvard: 

As we close up the Fast Facts segment about our airplanes, we're exploring ideas for future series. What have you always wanted to know more about when it comes to aviation history? 

The Challenge Continues

Great Canadian Giving Challenge

There are only a few days remaining... Every donation you make to The Hangar Flight Museum through CanadaHelps online during the month of June will enter us for a chance to win $20,000! That's right, they've doubled the prize this year because they know how the last few months have affected non-profit organizations' ability to run effectively. 

Donate Today
We currently have three different funds where you can direct your donation: general operations, aircraft restoration, and building expansion. 

General Operations: 
This allows us to direct your funds where we need them most. This is especially important at this time as we focus on business essentials. 

Aircraft Restoration:
Our artifacts need regular care and maintenance to ensure they last for future generations. Calgary's CF-100 Canuck is currently undergoing restoration because of the generous donations made toward the restoration fund. 

Building Expansion: 
The next phase of upgrades to the visitor experience at The Hangar Flight Museum is going to include replacing the Tent Hangar with a more permanent structure. We are working with the City of Calgary and YYC Airport Authority and other partners to discuss options about the future. This is an important project to ensure that our outdoor aircraft are well preserved. 

Learn more about the Great Canadian Giving Challenge: 


Collections Corner

June update from the Collections Manager

Over the past three months, things have looked a bit different at the museum, as we have not been open to visitors. We have had to adapt, reaching our visitors online in new ways, and working to new schedules and formats to accommodate appropriate regulations and health measures. While the building has been closed, we have been able to give more glimpses behind the scenes, and interact with people on social media, including through trivia games and other puzzles.

For myself, this has been a time to continue the behind the scenes collections work I am usually involved with, and a chance to catch up on some things like rearranging things on the mezzanine level, conducting artifact inventories including of the engines and models with some volunteer assistance, updating artifact records, completing research requests, and doing some future planning. I have also been able to give some behind the scenes glimpses into artifacts and storage.

I am happy to say that Jessica, one of our summer students from last year, was able to return this summer, and will be primarily assisting in collections, though you will also see her at guest services when we are open. Jessica has already gotten a great start on some collections projects, including reorganizing storage of the uniforms and other textiles, and will be completing an inventory soon, as well as some other storage projects.

Working from home some days, I was also able to take part in some learning through participating in different webinars on digital engagement, online exhibits, and current social issues, allowing me to reflect on some things including women in aviation, which I talked about in the March newsletter. June marks both Pride month, and National Indigenous History Month, with National Indigenous Peoples Day being celebrated on June 21. I mention these celebrations, because like women in aviation week, they are important for increasing diversity in the aviation field, and for acknowledging the history and struggles that are a part of our shared history.
To learn more visit:

Finally, I have also been thinking about the impacts of Covid19 and the affects it is having on everyone and the world around us. Particularly in the context of The Hangar Flight Museum, how this has affected the aviation industry, those who are employed within it, and those otherwise affected (perhaps frequent travellers, as one example). Much like the Glenbow Museum is collecting personal community letters to document this moment in time for future generations, I would like to collect personal stories and photos related to aviation in Calgary, so that we have related documentation for the future. How has Covid19 affected your job, learning, or travel experience? Are there unexpected positives or benefits for you? Have you been able to take a photo that otherwise would be impossible?  If you would like to share your experience, or have a question, please contact me at You are also welcome to mail in a letter to the museum if you’d prefer.  Please note that any submissions may or may not be retained in whole or in part by the museum and could be used in future for research, exhibition, educational, or promotional purposes.

In general, if you think you might have an object or records that might find a good home at The Hangar Flight Museum, I would love to hear from you. Since I do often need to do a lot of research, I would encourage you to please send an email instead of dropping by with your item. Unfortunately, I’m not always here and can’t always make these important decisions on the spot! Please send an email to with a brief description and photo or two if possible. I would love to discuss your objects and stories with you!

Please note that any potential donations should be related to western Canadian aviation, and Calgary if at all possible. At this time we are also unable to accept donations of vhs tapes, books, magazines, reproduction art prints or models, as we do already have an extensive collection of these items. We do also have a large collection of manuals, and will only be able to accept specific manuals related to our collection and other specific topics. Thank you so much for considering The Hangar Flight Museum.