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Update on visiting The Hangar

As we continue into the winter months we acknowledge the need to continue taking the pandemic seriously. To this end, we have now opened admissions on Mondays. These additional hours will mean that visitors can feel safe when visiting the museum because of our safety precautions and because our visitorship is spread out both between days and within our large exhibit area. This means we are now open weekly on  Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:00am-4:00pm. You can either purchase tickets online to guarantee your arrival time, or purchase your tickets at the door. 

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Plus, don't forget that the travelling exhibition Ace Academy is only with us for a limited time, come experience it for yourself before the end of the year. 

Message from the Executive Director

Brian Desjardins

I'd like to start by thanking everyone who made our broadcast Remembrance Day service a success this year. We knew it was important to still host a service even during a pandemic. CTV provided amazing support through their filming and live streaming and broadcasting on the morning of November 11th. We also had great speakers who I would like to thank including our MC Don Ross, keynote speaker Honourary Colonel (Emeritus) John Melbourne, Mayor Naheed Nenshi, MP Jag Sahota, and MLA Richard Gotfried. If you haven't had a chance yet to watch the service, you can watch an extended portion of CTV's coverage:   

CTV's Extended Coverage
You can also watch Gracie Desjardins' speech on behalf of the children of Canada, which was prerecorded by CBC, and was also part of our Remembrance Day service. 
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Left to right: MLA Richard Gotfried, Gracie Desjardins, and Honourary Colonel (Emeritus) John Melbourne. 

This fall we have been slowly and safely welcoming volunteers back to the Museum. We missed them very much during the spring and summer and their presence, efforts, and support make a substantial difference to The Hangar. If you are reading this right now and you have volunteered at the Museum I'd like to know how thankful we are for your dedication. 

We are also pleased to have received some timely funding support this fall due to our lost earned revenue throughout the year. Funding was received from the Government of Canada through the Museum Assistance Program and from the City of Calgary's Emergency Relief Fund. We appreciate this acknowledgement of the purpose of museums in their communities and the impact this year has had on their ability to keep regular operations going. 

We have taken this time while we're not open 7 days a week to complete our humidity system installation that will help us continue to protect and preserve the main hangar as well as the collections and artifacts that it houses. Thank you to the City for their infrastructure support, and to our supporters who have donated toward this essential project. The next step as we steward the health of this historic building is truss repairs. This work will begin early in the new year. 

Thank you for your continued support of the protection and preservation of aviation history, specifically its role in Southern Alberta. We are dedicated to providing access and a safe place to learn about our local history, and this wouldn't be possible without supporters like you. 


CF-100 Restoration Project

Progress report

We have received further updates on the Canuck restoration project since our site visit in September. We trust that you are just as excited as we are to see these regular updates. 

This is also a unique time to be able to see the inner constructions of a CF-100 Canuck. 

Meet Sara

Guest Services Associate

We would like to take a moment to introduce you to our newest part time staff member Sara. She will be working at the admissions desk during our open hours, and she is also taking care of our memberships so you will hear from her the next time your membership is up for renewal! 

Sara Bohuch is a recent graduate of Cardiff University, and a long-term heritage professional. From her start digging up grave pits in Greece (field school) to hunting woolly bears in museum stacks (they’re a kind of beetle, believe it or not) she’s been a dedicated and enthusiastic member of the museum community for many years by choice, by interest, and by passion. A firm believer in the integral role that museums possess for the community, she is looking forward to expanding upon this belief in her new role at The Hangar Flight Museum.

Speaking of memberships, don't forget that we're offering a special bonus right now on renewals or brand new memberships. 

Holiday season

Free gift with purchase or renewal

From now until the end of the year if you renew your membership or purchase a new membership you'll receive a bonus when you visit the museum next. You can select one of two options:
1. Free Hurricane bookazine (value $10) 
2. Free Hurricane #5389 collectible book (value $15) 
just let us know which bonus you'd like when you purchase or renew! 

Our new gifting cards have also arrived (pictured above)!
These cards make gifting a membership or admission ticket to a friend, coworker or family member that much more special this holiday season. Break up the winter blues by gifting a safe visit to The Hangar. We recommend sending a quick email to Sara at or giving her a quick phone call (403-250-3752) if you purchase the membership online so that we know whether you'd like the card sent to you or sent straight to the individual you're sending the gift to! 
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