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At The Hangar Flight Museum we’re focused on preserving artifacts, providing fun and exceptional educational experiences, and keeping aviation history alive for future generations. This work that we do is supported by people just like you. By visiting the museum, signing up for a yearly membership, or through your donations you are helping us preserve and educate. A few of our current projects that are supported directly through your donations are: Operations, Aircraft Maintenance and Restoration, Building Maintenance and Restoration, and Expansion. 


Building Maintenance and Restoration: $50,000 goal 

The building that houses the majority of the museum’s collection was built in 1941 as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Program. We think of our building as an important piece of Calgary’s aviation history and are honoured to be located in a historically significant building. 

Maintaining the health of this structure is our current main fundraising goal and project for fall 2020. Our building has been experiencing a seasonal difference in humidity which affects the original wooden truss system that Second World War buildings are so well known for. To regulate the humidity in the building we need to install a new humidity system. There are also a few locations in the ceiling where the trusses need repairs because of the humidity changes. We are pleased to have the City of Calgary's support, as they have donated 75% of the necessary funds to complete this maintenance and upgrades. Our remaining fundraising goal in order to be able to complete these integral projects is $50,000 and we need your help to get there. 

We are now running a 50/50 raffle to support this important project, you can learn more HERE or purchase tickets HERE


This is an important part of a museum that often gets overlooked. When you make a general donation to the museum this allows us to continue running our educational programs, create new exhibits, and provide care for our artifacts. 

Aircraft Maintenance and Restoration:

Currently our CF-100 Canuck is undergoing restoration. Fundraising for this project is complete, thanks to the generous donations from our community.

Donations to this fund will be set aside for other aircraft that require regular maintenance as well as periodic restoration.


The next phase of upgrades to the visitor experience at The Hangar Flight Museum is going to include replacing the Tent Hangar with a more permanent structure. We are working with the City of Calgary and YYC Airport Authority and other partners to discuss options about the future. We are developing a strategy to give us direction in designing a new building and future expansion. Once we have further details about this structure, and future plans, we will provide you with updates. 

This fundraising campaign will be a long-term project with many moving pieces and logistics to map out, but we’re excited to get a head start on raising funds because of the scope of the project. Currently, our last major fundraising project, the restoration of the CF-100 Canuck has begun. When this aircraft returns approximately three years from now we would like to have this new structure complete so that the Canuck can return under shelter from the elements. 


Tax receipts are available for all donations above $20. These donations can be setup as one time donations or as monthly automatic donations. 

Our charitable number is: 119211274RR0001


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Donate nowIn the notes please type “tent hangar” for your donation to go toward the development and construction of a new building. 



Donating Securities or Mutual Funds

Another way you can support The Hangar Flight Museum is through donating securities or mutual funds, and it is actually the most efficient form of donating. To learn more or donate now please click here. 



Honour Wall Plaques: Create a Lasting Impression

A number of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of meeting a museum supporter. She lost her husband a short time ago, and wanted to honour his memory by purchasing a brick in his name. He was a supporter of the Museum, a birder and a fly fisherman and wanted to volunteer at the Museum when he retired. The donor was excited to hear of our new vision and brand and wanted to make sure her husband was recognized as a supporter.

We are pleased to announce that as a result of that meeting, The Hangar Flight Museum is launching a new initiative: The Honour Wall. This initiative allows you to show your support of the Museum while honouring a friend, family member or even yourself! Each acrylic plaque can contain up to four lines of text consisting of 25 characters and one image or crest. The completed plaques will be installed on the mezzanine.

Members, volunteers and supporters can purchase a plaque for $250.00. A portion of the price will go toward the manufacture and installation of the plaque with the remaining funds going toward supporting Museum operations. The price of the plaque, less the manufacture cost, is eligible for a tax receipt. You can purchase one or multiple plaques. Corporate plaques are available.

If you would like to take part in this initiative, please contact the Museum. We will ask you to fill out this form so that we have all of the information we need. Please do not use the Canada Helps link to process payment.



If you would like to support our museum and make a donation please contact us through one of the following methods.

Phone: 403-250-3752

Fax: 403-250-8399


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